Phosh now available on Arch Linux

Posted on zo 10 september 2023 in Arch Linux • Tagged with Arch Linux, Phosh, Mobile

Having a full Linux mobile or tablet device has always interested me, to have an alternative to Android and use Arch Linux everywhere. Realistically I won't be able to give up Android on my phone, but what about tablet's?

Phosh was developed to be a graphical user interface for mobile …

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Notes/Task organisation

Posted on di 07 juni 2022 in notes • Tagged with Notes, kanban

To keep myself more organised I've done some investigations into setting up notes. My requirements are:

  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to get started
  • Syncing capabilities (between laptop/desktop)
  • A way to generate HTML out of notes
  • Markdown for notes

Outline was recommended to me by a friend as an …

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Network-bound disk encryption on Arch Linux

Posted on zo 05 juni 2022 in Arch Linux • Tagged with Arch Linux, Clevis, Tang

While in a discussion with my coworkers, a coworker brought up that they wanted to have automatic LUKS disk decryption on their desktop while it was at home. Normally they would use a passphrase to decrypt the LUKS volume but would prefer automatic decryption. There are multiple ways to achieve …

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Replacing Youtube with Kodi plugin

Posted on do 26 mei 2022 in Kodi, Youtube

As Google announced Gsuite is no longer free and I moved to GrapheneOs to de-google further, the last frequently used Google application I use is Youtube. For a long time Youtube has support for RSS feeds for channels although they are not publicly visible. I usually watch videos in my …

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Xandikos CardDAV/CalDAV server

Posted on wo 01 september 2021 in android • Tagged with carddav, caldav

In looking to moving my phone to LineageOS, I've started thinking about moving my mail, contacts and calendar data to my own server. After researching solutions for a while, I decided to try out xandikos. A simple Python carddav/caldav server intended for a single user with a basic feature …

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Arch Reproducible Progress July 2021

Posted on zo 01 augustus 2021 in arch linux • Tagged with arch linux, reproducible builds

At the end of July, I had some days off and some more time to focus on some unreproducible packages in Arch Linux and get some of the issues resolved. This post goes through the resolved issues by category.

gzipped man pages

By default if a manpage is compressed with …

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Vim setup 2021

Posted on do 22 juli 2021 in vim • Tagged with vim, programming

Feeling inspired by watching togglebit's Rust/Vim setup and having some spare time due to my summer vacation I started re-investigating my Vim setup. For my setup I was looking for the following features/areas to improve:

  • Git integration
  • Debugging projects in vim
  • Language server features, completion, go to …

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Monitoring Arch Linux with Prometheus

Posted on ma 29 maart 2021 in Arch Linux • Tagged with Arch Linux, Prometheus, Monitoring

For monitoring the Arch Linux infrastructure we've moved on from Zabbix to Prometheus as it fits more into our infrastructure is code goal. This required some research into how we could achieve the same monitoring with Prometheus. Our Zabbix setup monitored Host, MySQL, Borg and Arch Linux related metrics. For …

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Arch Linux Reproducible Builds Progress 2020

Posted on di 05 januari 2021 in Arch Linux, Reproducible Builds • Tagged with Arch Linux

A lot has happened since the last reproducible builds summit in Marrakesh 2019, this blog post is a summary of the progress made in 2020 of everything related to getting reproducible builds in Arch Linux.


Also known as repro this tool allows one to rebuild a package and check …

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Grafana's Loki on Arch Linux

Posted on di 18 februari 2020 in Arch Linux • Tagged with Arch Linux, Loki, Grafana

Grafana Loki on Arch Linux

Grafana's has started a new project called loki as a prometheus for logs solution. For Arch Linux's infrastructure we where thinking about introducing logging altering for our services. Which sparked my curiosity into Loki as it looked like a simple, easy solution after watching the …

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