Works in Progress

Aluminium casting the Arch logo

For fun and zero profit, I'm attempting to cast the Arch logo in aluminium. Currently still working on getting a plaster mold to poor the aluminium in.

The steps for making the plastic mold:

  • Designed the Arch logo in Inkscape with the right dimensions for laser cutting.
  • Lasercut a plexiglas Arch logo
  • Lasercut additional layers from wood (since the plexiglas source was depleted)
  • Glue everything together
  • Create or find a box to poor the plaster in
  • Apply grease to the logo so it won't stick to the plaster
  • Lay the logo in the box and poor the plaster in

So far I haven't made a successful mold yet, but these should be the steps.

Molding Broken mold fjwie

Weather Station

The plan is to make an automated weather station which monitors CO2, temperature and humidity. The station will be shaped as a birdhouse, it's roofs covered with solar panels. The station will be powered by 18650's and the solar panels will charge them and the brain will be an esp8266 (wemos D1-mini).


  • Wemos D1 Mini
  • 18650's (2x)
  • 5V solar panels (2x)
  • Temperature sensor (DHT11 preferably something better)
  • CO2 sensor MHZ19
  • Charge chip


  • Temperature fluctuations, 18650's can be used from ~ 0 - 45'C. (How to survive the winter)
  • Charging 18650's, they shouldn't be depleted faster then they can be charged