5 euro USB logic analyzer review

Posted on Mon 26 September 2016 in Electronics

I've found this cheap 5 euro USB logic analyzer via cnx.com and bought it from aliexpress.

It turned out to be quite easy to get the analyzer working on Arch Linux, the following packages need to be installed:

pacman -S pulseview

The firmware for the device is only available …

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Arch Linux ARM on the BananaPi

Posted on Tue 22 December 2015 in Electronics • Tagged with ARM, BananaPi, Mainline

Since some time the Banana Pi is supported in the Linux kernel and U-Boot.

Arch Linux ARM does not support the board yet, but it is possible to get it working with an upstream U-Boot.

SD card Image

First we to create an SD card image, since the BananaPi is …

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