Arch weekly #1

Posted on wo 17 mei 2017 in Arch Linux

This is the first edition of Arch weekly, a small weekly post about the news in the Arch Linux community. Hopefully this will be a recurring weekly blog post!

linux-hardened appears in [community]

After the disappearance of linux-grsec from the repos due to the Grsecurity project not providing the required patches. Daniel Micay provides an alternative linux-hardened in [community]. The package is based on the following Linux fork which contains more security patches than in the Linux mainline kernel and enables more security configuration options by default such as SLAB_FREELIST_RANDOM.

More information can be found on the wiki of the project.

Arch-boxes project

An effort has been made by Shibumi to provide official Arch Linux docker, vagrant (and maybe ec2) images. Currently there is a virtualbox and qemu/libvirt option. View the project here.

Qt 4 now depends on OpenSSL 1.1

Even after the enormous OpenSSL 1.1 rebuild, not every package in the repository uses OpenSSL 1.1 yet. Qt 4 currently in [extra] uses OpenSSL 1.1 with 27 packages left in the repository which depend on openssl-1.0. Other OpenSSL 1.0 depending packages are now being rebuilt to stay compatible with Debian Stable and non-free software. See this bug report for more information.

Boost 1.64 rebuild

Currently a rebuild is underway, will land in [testing] soon (tm).

[pacman-dev] Repository management discussion

Allan started a discussion on improving the current repository management tooling in pacman. Feedback and patches are welcome :)

GCC 7.1 hits [testing]

GCC 7.1 has landed in [testing], please test it and reports issues!

Security updates of the week

There are quite a lot of security advisories, you can view them here.