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Posted on Sat 02 June 2018 in Arch Linux

Pacman release

Finally! A new pacman release, this version adds some critical bits for reproducible builds and the pacman repository has been shed of misc tools which are now in pacman-contrib. More details in the changelog and on reddit


For reproducible builds, every package in the repository build on a users system should create exactly the same package as the repository package. To be able to achieve this the packages which where installed in build chroot are recorded in a BUILDINFO file (man BUILDINFO) which is added in the .pkg.tar.xz package. BUILDINFO files where added a while ago in pacman, but not every package contains them yet! Interestingly enough even a rolling release distro contains packages from 2013, these are now being rebuild! This also ties in to the cleanup of, since the archive server is almost full and the 2013/2014/2015 directories will be removed. If you have a good network connection and want to mirror the archive, reach out!

pkgconf replaces pkg-config

As can be read on the mailing list, pkgconf has now replaced pkg-config.

GCC 8 in [core]

The latest version of GCC 8 lands in [core], this enables more warnings by default so older packages might fail to build if they enable -Werror.