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It’s been two months since I’ve written about a python-zarafa update. Lately it has been a busy time and there aren’t that much changes made to the API. In this post I will describe the new features we added.

The changes in Git where as following.

3236e26 2 days ago : Add User.admin which checks if user is admin
34e3e54 2 days ago : Add try/except to last_logon/last_logof since a new user has no logon property
dc3e916 2 days ago : Add Store.last_login/last_logoff
bb3327b 2 days ago : dictionary comprehension is py2.7 only
a3443ab 5 days ago : - lint fixes - table.dict_rows() make an exception for PR_EC_STATSTABLE_SYSTEM New f
older related functions: - folder.copy - folder.delete - - folder.submit
9d982c7 8 days ago : Add to the readme
31a4c23 8 days ago : Merge branch 'master' of
dc31ea6 8 days ago : Remove whitespace
a0e54ba 8 days ago : Add barplot stastics script
2c3df17 2 weeks ago : Merge pull request #9 from fbartels/patch-1
33e45fe 2 weeks ago : force default encoding
bd71906 3 weeks ago : Add documentation url
703ba1d 3 weeks ago : Add description for zarafa-spamhandler
82d73f0 3 weeks ago : Merge branch 'master' of
7e216f4 3 weeks ago : - added sort option to z-plot - add README section for z-plot
75935eb 3 weeks ago : Simple program that uses matplotlib to plot graphs about user data usage
22a24e1 5 weeks ago : Update
fad089a 5 weeks ago : Add more MAPI defined folders to Store class
351062e 5 weeks ago : Do not look at admin.cfg if ZARAFA_SOCKET is defined
ff83d14 5 weeks ago : Add auth_user and auth_pass options to zarafa.Server()
3beb326 5 weeks ago : Merge branch 'master' of
4fc55cc 6 weeks ago : - Store.folders(mail=True) to only generate folders which contain mail - fix Item.b
ody bug - Add folder property to Item class
0f1d23d 6 weeks ago : Merge branch 'master' of
974dca8 6 weeks ago : Tabs to spaces
5606cf5 6 weeks ago : Add initial release of zarafa-spamhandler
5509cda 7 weeks ago : Fix remote=False to actually show results
d625941 7 weeks ago : Add
1440ee4 7 weeks ago : Add outbox
1efa35e 7 weeks ago : Add password authentication option
35826f1 7 weeks ago : Remove print
90328b1 7 weeks ago : Merge branch 'master' of
df0dbdb 7 weeks ago : Add description for monitor,tables and
a3229ab 7 weeks ago : Redo command line arguments, add -U and -P for user session support
ac1c13b 8 weeks ago : update README
ab5ed57 8 weeks ago : Bump version to 0.1
daba691 8 weeks ago : Rename doc to docs
a482a3c 8 weeks ago : - Add verbose flag - Rename spam to junk
cb54d78 8 weeks ago : Make code a bit more fancy...
4273d2f 8 weeks ago : Actually restrict to folder given as parameter
6bf66ef 8 weeks ago : Addition of the spam property.
8bd5778 8 weeks ago : Rename email: to item:
d3a4c2e 8 weeks ago : Add fix for items without received time
128907b 8 weeks ago : Rename examples to scripts - Add several new examples replacing the
329aca8 9 weeks ago : Add
4d186c3 9 weeks ago : Add Allows a system administrator to delete old email for a user. e.g. python -u username 30 will delete all mails older than 30 days based on the receive date of the emails.
c6e977a 9 weeks ago : - fix subfolder bug in Folder.folders - make Folder.create_folder return a mapi folder - add store.folder(key)
a790523 9 weeks ago : fix documentation chapter
1ec3062 9 weeks ago : add sphinx documentation part
63d69f7 9 weeks ago : add sphinx Makefile to create documentation
eb303e6 9 weeks ago : - Add docstrings for classes - Add Body class, which can provide an html or plaintext representation of a MAPI message body - add folder.item(entryid)

Sphinx documentation

We’ve added online Sphinx documentation, which should make it easier to hack on Python-Zarafa. The documentation is still work in progress so expect us to add missing parts and improvements.

User session support

The API had initial support for only a SYSTEM session, but now it also supports user sessions. User sessions can be used with the command line switches -U (username) and -P (password). In a Python program the user session support looks as following.

import zarafa

server = zarafa.Server(auth_user='bob',auth_pass='test')

# Bob's inbox Folder
inbox = server.users().next().store.inbox

The generator server.users() still returns a generator, but it only contains one User object.

New properties

User, Store, Folder, etc. have received new exposed MAPI properties, so that you don’t need to look up the MAPI property definition.

import zarafa

server = zarafa.Server(auth_user='bob',auth_pass='test')
bob = server.users().next()
store =
print "last logoff:", store.last_logoff

# More store Folders definitions
print = store.sentmail
print store.junk

# User.admin to verify if a user is an admin
print "Is bob admin? ", bob.admin

Which prints:

last logoff: 2014-10-04 19:44:39
Folder(Sent Items)
Folder(Junk E-mail)
Is bob admin? False

There are three new Folder related functions, Folder.copy(), Folder.move() and Folder.delete().

import zarafa
store = zarafa.Server(auth_user='bob',auth_pass='test').users().next().store
print list(store.inbox.items())
# Copy all items to the junk folder
print list(store.junk.items())
# Move all items to the junk folder
print list(store.inbox.items())
print list(store.junk.items())
# Empty junk

Which prints:

# Inbox
[Item(Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender)]
# Junk
[Item(Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender)]
# Inbox
# Junk
[Item(Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender), Item(Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender)]
# Junk

These functions combined with ICS can for example create a client-side rule.

import zarafa
import time

class importer:
def __init__(self, folder, target):
self.folder = folder = target

def update(self, item, flags):
if 'spam' in item.subject:
print 'trashing..', item

def delete(self, item, flags):

server = zarafa.Server()
store = server.user(server.options.auth_user).store
inbox, junk = store.inbox, store.junk

state = inbox.state
while True:
state = inbox.sync(importer(inbox, junk), state)

These where the most interesting changes in Python-Zarafa from 1 August till 6 October.