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It’s been almost a month since python-zarafa has been released on Github. Although the initial commit already contained a lot of features, we added a few nice new features in the month June.
In this post I will describe the new features we added and I will hopefully provide a new post about improvements on a monthly basis.


The first new feature is maildir support for folders and was added 20 days ago in this commit.

import zarafa
user = zarafa.Server().user('username')
# Export inbox to maildir in current working directory

# Import maildir to inbox'Maildir')

Named properties

The second new feature is support for named properties, named properties are described in this post on Microsoft’s technet. These properties are for example set on mail messages:

  • x-viruschecked
  • x-env-sender

These properties now show up in

Quota support

The third feature is support for quotas, Zarafa is capable of setting quota’s (hard/soft/warning) globally, per company and per user. For example:

import zarafa

# User quota
user = zarafa.Server().user('username')
print "User store size ",
print "User quota warning limit ",user.quota.warn_limit
print "User quota soft warning limit ",user.quota.soft_limit
print "User quota hard warning limit ",user.quota.hard_limit

# Company quota
companies = zarafa.Server().companies()
for company in companies:
print "Company warning limit ",company.quota.warn_limit

Address Class

The last big feature adds an Address class which contains information about for example the sender of an email.

import zarafa
user = zarafa.Server().user('username')
for mail in
print "Sender of email "
print "From email "

Smaller changes are:

  • support for http:// socket
  • user.fullname
  • support for accessing PR_EC_STATSTABLE’s (these tables contain information displayed by zarafa-stats)
  • public folder support
  • bugfixes

Please note that the API is still a work in progress and a lot of functionality might get renamed and refactored in the future. In the future we hope to eventually provide a stable API and online documentation.
If there are any questions, feel free to contact me via email!