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As packager for a distro it’s useful to get emails when a package you maintain has released a new version. For Arch Linux users can report that a package is out of date, but unpopular packages might not get flagged by a user automatically. To solve this issue, I installed urlwatch which is a program that diffs urls and emails you a diff of the changes. After you’ve installed urlwatch, the first launch creates an urlwatch directory in your home directory. The file ~/.urlwatch/urls.txt should contain the urls you want to monitor for changes, for example the list below:

To make urlwatch check the url list every hour we can create a simple systemd timer unit and systemd service.

Description=Daily urlwatch update



The systemd service just calls urlwatch with paramters for email delivery. Note that you have to configure the user in the [Service] which runs urlwatch.


ExecStart=/usr/bin/urlwatch -t -f -s smtpserver

The .timer and .service files should be saved in /etc/systemd/system as urlwatch.service and urlwatch.timer. Only the timer has to be enabled and started using the following commands:

systemctl enable urlwatch.timer
systemctl start urlwatch.timer